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It is not just any kind of work, but careful work that makes it clear that every person matters—as a principle. This is the core of JASS’ humanity; that it is not just every person, but every moment, everything we do that matters. ~ Hope Chigudu

  • With your support, JASS will equip activist leaders from all walks of life with the confidence, information, skills, strategies and connections they need to organize women for democratic change and to navigate risky contexts;
  • With your support, JASS will promote and sustain grassroots and local-to-global organizing to build broad,  flexible alliances that are responsive to urgencies and opportunities as well as rooted in the concrete demands of diverse women’s constituencies;
  • With your support, JASS will mobilize alliances for strategic political action moments to engage, persuade, and pressure governments and international actors to respond effectively to violations of women’s rights and to advance gender equality;
  • With your support, JASS will maximize women’s use of media to amplify the visibility, appeal and reach of women’s rights agendas and the role of women’s movements in advancing democracy and justice; and
  • With your support, JASS will document and publish knowledge from practice to contribute to smarter thinking and responses to inequality and women’s rights challenges.

The success of women-led movements for peace, justice, and equality depends on the power of our numbers. The courage and determination of frontline activists is essential, but their efforts are considerably stronger when matched with the time, talents, influence, and resources of women around the world. There are many ways you can join and support these movements. Contact Adelaide Mazwarira at adelaide(-at-) to discuss ways you can help JASS turn grassroots struggles into global movements for change.

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