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Support Women Organizing in the Wake of Climate Disasters

When tropical cyclones Anna and Dumako hit Malawi, thousands of women leading the Our Bodies, Our Lives (OBOL) campaign to improve access to ARVs (antiretrovirals) and quality healthcare jumped into action, forming the backbone of relief efforts. The climate-driven disasters destroyed homes and livelihoods, including the community gardens OBOL women had created to feed families and sell market produce, as well as the organizing hubs they use to strategize on political action and advocacy. OBOL women are rebuilding affected communities by addressing practical needs such as food, shelter, and health while calling for feminist solutions to climate change. Learn more about OBOL women’s work and support their fearless organizing by donating to the JASS Mobilization Fund.

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Your generous contribution will strengthen the voice, visibility, and collective power of women to defend human rights and advance justice for all.

JASS’ deep grounding in local movements and long-term accompaniment of women leaders across its three regional offices, combined with its growing global presence, makes it an important actor in the women’s movement building space.

Medina Haeri, Oak Foundation

JASS is an organization that really means ‘movement’ when you say movement…I appreciate that JASS has sustained solidarity with HIV positive women at a time when the voices and priorities of HIV+ women are no longer ‘major news’ and I fear has become less visible in African feminist organizing.

Jessica Horn, African Women’s Development Fund

I didn’t know an organization like JASS existed in the world.

Canadian embassy in Indonesia

After attending these trainings, I feel that JASS is a fashion designer. By this I don’t mean that you come to design and measure us, but instead you let us measure ourselves and choose a design based on what is suitable for us and in our communities.

Burmese activist
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