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On the 15th of April 2021, labor union leader Ma Myo Aye, 53 years old, was arrested in Yangon. She is charged with Penal Code 505-A; imprisonment is up to three years and non-bailable.

Ma Myo Aye was among the 3,400 protesters arrested in the course of police and military operations after the Myanmar military staged a coup on the 1st of February 2021.

Currently, Ma Myo Aye is not in good health. She has a kidney ailment and is suffering from severe back pains because of this. Her family is sending her medicines but she has yet to receive them. Ma Myo Aye’s unjust arrest and detention has only aggravated her grave health condition. She is also not allowed to see a doctor.

Ma Myo Aye was only exercising her democratic right to express her views and to participate in peaceful assemblies. She should not be unjustly detained. At the minimum, Ma Myo Aye should receive proper medical services. At the maximum, she should be released on humanitarian grounds.

Ma Myo Aye is a long-time ally of JASS. JASS, along with #Sisters2Sisters campaign in Myanmar, is joining the call to raise global awareness about violence against women in Myanmar, including the political harassment and detention of community leaders like Ma Myo Aye.


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