JASS Crossregional Gallery

JASS' Executive Director's hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico, signed a proclamation declaring October 18th JASS Day. In celebration, our Santa Fe friends and family—Marg VeneKlasen, Marilyn Bane, Kayle Higinbotham, and Laura Jeffers—hosted the first-ever Women Crossing the Line Symposium and Reception. Lisa, Daysi Flores, and Marusia Lopez addressed a welcoming crowd of more than 50 Santa Fe-ers, eager to support and learn more about JASS’ work to ensure the safety of women activists in Mexico and Central America.

November 2013- US Congresswoman Michelle Grisham (D-NM) and the Mesoamerican Working Group (MAWG) hosted a congressional briefing on US policies that are militarizing Mesoamerica. Panel featured: Laura Carlsen, CIP Americas, Javier Sicilia, Mexico's Movement for Peace with Justice & Dignity, Claudia Samayoa, UDEFEGUA and Alex Main, CEPR. Recommendations were based on MAWG's work with local groups in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala, and aimed to make their voices visible. 

On September 20, 2013 The Elliot School of George Washington University held a panel discussion on the concept of "Disruption" and what that means in the context of women's movements, past and present in the shift to move beyond gender mainstreaming. JASS Director Lisa VeneKlasen and Board co-Chair Srilatha Batliwala were invited to speak alongside Aruna Rao and Joanne Sandler from Gender at Work and Alivelu Ramisetty, Gender Advisor for Oxfam America. Listen to the audio of the event! 

From February 15-20, JASS’ Board and Regional Directors gathered for a series of meetings in Washington DC to develop a vision, plan and agenda for what JASS will become by 2020. This time was filled with exciting events including a panel discussion on the political empowerment of women at George Washington University as well as a fun dinner party with the Crossregional team.

"The war on drugs has become a war on women," according to the official report of the 2012 women's rights fact-finding mission to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. To launch this ground-breaking report, JASS and the Nobel Women's Initiative hosted a Congressional breakfast and a public event in Washington, DC at the US Institute for Peace, featuring Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams, Honduran activist Gilda Rivera, policy analyst Laura Carlsen,  and Mexican human rights defender Blanca Martinez. 

In the wake of a capitalist culture that thrives on and entrenches inequalities, more than 50 JASS activists came togetherto discuss and share strategies on power, patriarchy and feminist popular education. In addition, JASS conducted a number of sessions at the 2012 AWID International Forum.