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Women Advocate for Bodies, Voices and Resources

It’s time to Power Up! Take the lead from womxn from the majority world who are challenging and transforming power to create a more just and equal world for everyone.

We believe that change is most possible when it is led by womxn and those most affected by injustice because they hold vital knowledge and solutions. But achieving lasting change demands long-term investment in leadership, alliances, knowledge-sharing, and solidarity to create the necessary conditions for transformation.

This is precisely the mission of Power Up! (PU!). We strengthen the leadership and organizing capacity of womxn including HIV+ womxn, sex workers, womxn workers, and rural and Indigenous womxn, working at the intersection of three strategic agendas:  bodies, voices, and resources.

Bodies: Prevention and elimination of sexual and gender-based violence against womxn and girls.

Voices: Strengthening womxn’s leadership and womxn’s participation in (political) decision-making.

Resources: Strengthening womxn’s economic strategies for economic resilience and stability, including access to and control of resources and land.

PU! is a consortium of three womxn’s rights organisations: Just Associates (JASS), a feminist movement strengthening organisation rooted in the majority world; Yayasan Pemberdayaan Perempuan Kepala Keluarga (PEKKA), a national womxn-headed family empowerment network in Indonesia; and Gender at Work (G@W), an international feminist knowledge network.

We believe that there is power and safety in numbers. When womxn come together, they have the potential to create big and far-reaching change. By leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and influence of each partner within PU, we enhance our capacity to reach more womxn and catalyze transformative change.

We work in 15 countries across five geographic regions: Eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda); Southern Africa (Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe); North Africa/Middle East (Lebanon, Palestine Territories, Tunisia); Southeast and South Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Indonesia); and Mesoamerica (Guatemala, Honduras). 

What’s New in Power Up!

Power Up! is a collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Power of Women strategic partnership. 

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