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Melania Chiponda

Research Consultant

Melania is an African Ecofeminist and land defender coming from a peasant and working class background, a feminist research and educator whose approach is embedded in liberating participatory methodologies which bring out women‚Äôs experiences, stories and struggles, to contribute towards the liberation of women. Acts as the lead researcher and overall coordinator for JASS Southern Africa‚ feminist participatory action research (FPAR) and ensuring the research advances JASS‚ movement building agenda in the region. Melania comes with a wealth of experience which stretches over 17 years of building grassroots feminist movements in Zimbabwe and across Africa within the extractives sector to defend lands, territories, women’s rights and dignity. Melania has authored and co-authored several publications which include research papers and policy briefs within the development, climate change and agriculture sectors. During my free time, I love to read and listen to folktales and stories. I believe forests, rivers, seas, stones, birds and all non-humans have beautiful stories to tell if we listen. A commitment to gender justice drives Melania to work towards initiatives that seek to restore and strengthen the capacity of women in Africa who are creating societal conditions which are favourable to the attainment of their goals and aspirations.

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