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Keamogetswe Seipato

Country Coordinator
South Africa

Keamogetswe Seipato is a social justice activist, a feminist who is extremely passionate about building and working with those that want to deconstruct the system. Her activism is all about sharing and creating information and knowledge with those who are affected by how the political economy of the world and Southern Africa works, this is coupled with vigour for establishing the means to tackle a patriarchal capitalist is a key element of her activism. Therefore, designing, working on materials, and facilitating ways that people can consume information in a manner that sparks demands for a better way of life and the planet are things that excite her. Witnessing the fruits of this process are a means for her to contribute to social change. She used to be based at the Alternative Information and Development Centre in Cape Town as a program manager of the Alternatives to Extractivism and Climate Change program. She holds a BA Undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of South Africa.

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