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Jelen Paclarin


Jelen Paclarin is a women’s rights advocate and the Executive Director of the Women’s Legal Bureau (WLB).  As a senior lecturer at the Miriam College in Manila, Jelen both educates on and fights for women’s human rights. WLB’s activities include education and training on women’s human rights and the law and conducting research and engaging in policy advocacy to transform the law and the legal system to advance women’s rights and leadership. WLB is also member of APWLD (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development).

Jelen led a project entitled “The Effects of Humiliation on the Economic, Socio-cultural Rights and Access to Justice of Muslim Women in Mindanao” for Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS). Together with Jojo Guan and the Centre for Women’s Resources (CWR), she helped to establish the JASS Philippines Network Feminist Conversations as expansive platforms for feminists and women’s organizations to theorize, build knowledge, develop capacity and strategize. The Feminist Conversations also offer space to focus on relatively less developed themes (in the Philippines at least), that are nonetheless critical to women, such as discourses on the body, identities, power, sexual rights, sexual justice and economic justice, and citizenship.

Jelen is a firm believer in women’s spaces for sharing, communication and education on rights and feminist politics.

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