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Felicity Sibindi

Programmes Manager

Felicity Sibindi is an African feminist, activist and public health practitioner who has worked across Africa to amplify the voices of women and vulnerable groups from sex workers in Zimbabwe, to LGBTQ+ communities in Nigeria, and feminist groups in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Her work focuses on the intersection of issues affecting women from economic resilience, to sexual and reproductive health and rights, and challenging entrenched global systems of power. Felicity leverages on newly accessible models of media and digital technology to bring innovation to more traditional forms of grassroots advocacy. She believes in the power of authentic African voices holding local, regional and international policy-makers accountable for the generations worth of damage that has been done to African communities; and seeks future-facing, practical and sustainable solutions for movement building. Felicity is passionate about decolonizing everything, with a pre-colonial history-based Afro-centric approach to the emerging global challenges. Ultimately she has confidence that African women are the future and that they will determine for themselves the direction that the world will move beyond this current hegemony. In her new role as Programmes Manager, JASS Southern Africa (SNA) she will report to and provide support to the JASS SNA Regional Director and work closely with JASS SNA staff and JASS global staff to develop and coordinate processes, communication and priorities around programmes, regional initiatives, fundraising and organizational strategy. Felicity will oversee the day-to-day coordination of JASS SNA’s movement building work with emphasis on the fulfilment of work as articulated within current and future work plans and donor obligations

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