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Dudziro Nhengu

JASS Builder

Dudziro’s experience ranges from King College, London, to a market stall in Harare, and from editing fiction to researching political violence. The feminist spark that unites all this disparate energy was first lit at the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town where Dudziro went for post-graduate studies. A six-month Kings College research fellowship on peace and security then fanned the flame and today Dudziro is passionately committed to ending discrimination and violence against women.

Facing survival challenges in a stagnant Zimbabwean economy, Dudziro found herself selling goods in an open market. She went on to organize market women and create space for them to tell their stories. Other moments have found her conducting research on politically motivated violence in Zimbabwe, heading the Budding Writers Association of Zimbabwe, working as Programme Officer for the Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network, and providing editorial assistance to academic and fiction publishers.

For JASS’ Heart–Mind–Body initiative, Dudziro’s creative insight and vast experience have added great depth to the process and her documentation skills as a writer enable JASS to share the knowledge and learning gained from each wellbeing circle with a wide range of audiences.

Exploding the myths about Zimbabwe’s land issue: the budding writers’ perspective, Budding Writers Association of Zimbabwe: 2004

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