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Delmy Martinez

Delmy Martínez Zavala

Country Coordinator

Delmy is a feminist, human rights defender, grower of mainly medicinal plants, aspiring healer, she dreams of a more just and equitable world. She is a specialist in project management and business administrator. As a Country Coordinator of JASS in Honduras, she encourages the development of all the activities contemplated in programs and projects at the national level and is connected with all the colleagues at the regional level.

Delmy came to JASS after having performed multiple functions as national coordinator of Protection International, Country Representative with Solidarite, Union, Cooperation (SUCO), project coordinator in various local development organizations in Honduras, university professor for more than 4 years, facilitator of training processes. In her free time, she likes to dance, sing, read, tell jokes, have evenings in her house, to analyze the national context, join the public demonstrations against human rights violations and support just causes. In her words “This racist, capitalist and patriarchal world, spreads its evil, its tyranny on millions of people especially women, girls, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants, filling them with mourning, pain and challenges to survive, for this we require all the energy of conscious people, that can do small things, that as a whole are significant and can generate a change,  improving the life of those people little by little, that makes me very happy, and I live for that”.

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