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Dao Anh Mai

Senior Accountant
United States

Dao is a first generation immigrant in the United States and joined the JASS crossregional finance team as the Senior Accountant in 2021.

Dao brings a wealth of experience from her 20 years of work in the government industry, including with Creative Associates International Inc for 14 years. She has played many different roles in accounting departments such as Acct. Receivable, Payroll, A/P, Revenue specialist. Over the last 10 years she focused in auditing including DCAA, SIGAR, RUBINO, and field audits (Afghanistan, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Caribbean, etc.). In her spare time she plays guitar, piano, draws, gardens, does crochet and knitting and designs clothes. Dao also volunteers her time on Christmas and Thanksgiving with different organizations and at various churches and temples. Dao believes that education is an important gift that gives one the power of knowledge.

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