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Amporn Boontan


Hailing from the Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, Amporn has been committed to youth empowerment and developing youth organizations at grassroots, national and international levels for nearly two decades.

In 1992, she began working with children in her own community to provide alternative activities in schools and develop income-generating projects with their parents. She developed and supported a community youth group focused on HIV/AIDS prevention and environmental preservation in the Chiang Mai province just two years later. From 1998 to 2000, she travelled through eight provinces in northern Thailand, training and supporting a youth project to form a Northern Child and Youth Network. She also coordinated training workshops and seminars for youth across Thailand. Amporn has served as the executive director for the Thai Youth AIDS Prevention Project and has organized training for migrant youths along the Thai-Burma border, using interactive activities for HIV/AIDS education in refugee camps.

As an active member of Anjaree, Amporn contributed to the formation of FIRE, a young lesbian support group in northern Thailand. She’s also a brilliant photographer, film-maker and documenter, and works hard to facilitate women’s communication and self-expression via radio and other mediums.

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