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Alejandra Bergemann

United States / Mexico

Alejandra Bergemann is a passionate women’s rights activist from México, D.F. For two years, Alejandra worked with Fuerza Unida, a grassroots organization in San Antonio, Texas, whose mission is to educate, empower and organize women workers and their families. A graduate of Trinity University, where she majored in Anthropology, International Studies and Spanish Literature, she has also lived in Bangkok, Thailand, where she first began using popular education methodologies in her work as a teacher and tutor. Alejandra was also part of the Coordinating Committee of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ), an alliance of grassroots organizations based in the United States. Her work with GGJ ranged from promoting the use of popular education as a tool for social justice organizing and movement-building, to participating in the organizing of the 2006 Border Social Forum in Ciudad Juárez, México, to working to include women’s voices and gender perspectives in the organizing work done at a local, national, and global level. As part of the JASS family in Washington, DC, Alejandra worked closely with the Mesoamerica program.


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