Women Crossing the Line - JASS Crossregional

Check out this original spoken word, inspired by the death of Berta Caceres and the US 2016 presidential election, written by Emery Bright.

Check out this online campaign by Global Fund for Women, JASS, & MADRE, featuring stories of 14 women activists from around the world who defend and advance human rights.
Amina Doherty
, Nigeria

For me, the idea of ‘women crossing the line’ means women pushing forward and continuing to advance progressive women’s rights agenda’s in all corners of the world. It's a collective moving forward, it is a stampede; it is all women finding the strength to claim our power.
Aura Lolita Chavez Ixcaquic
, Guatemala

Aura Lolita Chavez Ixcaquic, known as Lolita is a leader of the Council of K’iche’ Peoples in Defense of Life, Mother Nature, Earth and Territory (CPK). Her organization groups 87 communities and their traditional authorities that work to protect their lands, resources and territory.
Jean Stokan
, United States

Women are too often the object of violence and the face of poverty,” explains Jean Stokan, Director of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas’ Institute Justice Team. Given women’s marginalization due to racism, sexism and their socio-economic status, it is no surprise that working to free women from these oppressive forces is among the five priority concerns of the Sisters of Mercy.