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Women Crossing the Line

FAMM-Indonesia, Malawi, Alquimia
Learn about the courageous organizing initiatives of four extraordinary networks that we have helped to build, accompany, and sustain.


JASS Mesoamerica

In early November, Hurricane Eta slammed into Central America. Honduras and Guatemala were hard hit, with heavy rains, flooding, landslides, electrical storms and high winds. In Honduras, an estimated 2.6 million people are affected, and some 700,000 Guatemalans. Close to 100,000 Hondurans are displaced, with massive damage to homes and infrastructure.

JASS Southern Africa

JASS had the pleasure of chatting to Dr Awino Okech about her new book ‘Gender, Protests and Political Change in Africa’ published by Palgrave Macmillan in July 2020. Find out why this book is close to Dr Awino's heart.

JASS Southeast Asia

After two terms as United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders, Michel Forst left the post April 30. Women defenders reflect on gains, challenges, and what lies ahead.

JASS Crossregional

Don't miss the party, click below to watch and dance to the music and spoken word of 16 amazing artists from around the world!

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JASS ED, Shereen Essof reminds us that the personal is always political. The Long Haul is an invite, reminder + honor of all long haulers who are on the journey to healing themselves and communities, and transforming the world.
A few weeks ago, chief opposition leader, Lazarus Chakwera was appointed as the new president of Malawi, generating new expectations and renewed hope. Following the election, we asked our allies to reflect on the significance of this victory for the future of Malawi. “The new government provides many Malawians with hope for a changed Malawi. A people-centered government which is transparent and accountable and provides people’s basic needs,” said Grace Jere.


Check out our latest toolkit - Our Rights, Our Safety: Resources for Women Human Rights Defenders!
This presentation is a part of "Our Safety: Resources for Women Human Rights Defenders" manual.


None of us could have anticipated that the final phase of our Leadership Transition at JASS, my stepping into the role of Executive Director, would coincide with a global pandemic!