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Women Crossing the Line

FAMM-Indonesia, Malawi, Alquimia
Learn about the courageous organizing initiatives of four extraordinary networks that we have helped to build, accompany, and sustain.


JASS Mesoamerica

In early November, Hurricane Eta slammed into Central America. Honduras and Guatemala were hard hit, with heavy rains, flooding, landslides, electrical storms and high winds. In Honduras, an estimated 2.6 million people are affected, and some 700,000 Guatemalans. Close to 100,000 Hondurans are displaced, with massive damage to homes and infrastructure.

JASS Southern Africa

JASS had the pleasure of chatting to Dr Awino Okech about her new book ‘Gender, Protests and Political Change in Africa’ published by Palgrave Macmillan in July 2020. Find out why this book is close to Dr Awino's heart.

JASS Southeast Asia

JASS stands with women’s groups, civil society and labor organizations and networks in Myanmar as they call to “respect the will and choice of the majority of its people to advance peace, equality, and democracy.

JASS Crossregional

As we end 2020, we continue to face uncertainty. Yet, we are presented with many moments of possibility. The communities and movements we accompany are organizing and building collective power, while showing us visions and solutions for a different future.

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Image from the One Day, One Voice 2020 teaser video
Thousands of women from Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma/Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Timor-Leste will spotlighted the theme, “People are the Solution!” through street protests, photo exhibits, murals, and more!
JASS Mesoamerica staff give an analysis of the recent peaceful demonstrations in Guatemala.


JASS stands firm with the LGBTQ+ refugees of Kakuma Block 13 in Kenya, who fled violence in their home countries to seek safety but are being subjected to violent homophobic and transphobic attacks and hate crimes every day from fellow refugees without any support or action from the authorities. Read the full statement below.
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None of us could have anticipated that the final phase of our Leadership Transition at JASS, my stepping into the role of Executive Director, would coincide with a global pandemic!