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After attending these trainings, I feel that JASS is a fashion designer. By this I don’t mean that you come to design and measure us, but instead you let us measure ourselves and choose a design based on what is suitable for us and in our communities. From trainings with other organizations, we learn concepts but they are very heavy and hard to follow. With JASS, we are not going too far and you feel it out with us and help us to express ourselves by letting us extract what is inside us and determine what are the suitable things we can do in our community. It is very effective. We want to join JASS’ movement and partner with JASS in our movement. ~ Activist, Myanmar

If you are interested in creating change in the world, WeRise is just the resource for you!   We Rise is a new dynamic, interactive and accessible online knowledge-building platform that was created by activists to share movement-building expertise with a range of allies and audiences.

We Rise is free and accessible to anyone with a computer or cell phone anywhere in the world. You will be able to download tools and how-tos, and understand the many strategies and long-term, sustained investments that lead to lasting change. #WeRiseTogether

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