Women human rights defenders

Attacks against women and women activists are on the rise in Mexico and Central America. Policy analyst and journalist Laura Carlsen details this dangerous trend.  Also available in Spanish (file below) and in English on: America's Program Huffington Post * Photo courtesy of America's Program. 
Violence against women has a fundamental way of upholding inequality. Women’s movements have made the struggle to end violence a main priority and as a result, they are frequently attacked and harassed by powerful groups that benefit from the oppression of women. JASS Mesoamerica joins the global 16 days of activism against gender violence campaign, spotlighting the violence suffered by women human rights defenders in Mexico and Central America fueled by militarization and authoritarian practices that limit women's rights.
On the heels of the massacre of 7 k’iche and kaqchikel indigenous activists in Totonicapán, Guatemala during peaceful protests on October 4th, Guatemala’s government continues to deny responsibility and fails to reign in transnational mining companies whose illegal land grabs displace communities. These land seizures and mining activities have contributed to high levels of poverty, illness, violence and death, leaving indigenous women to bear the brunt.
In opposition to the coup d’état that occurred in Honduras on June 28th, Honduran Feminists in Resistancehas called for a rally on Wednesday, July 22nd, at 10am (local ti me) in front of U.S. Embassies and other U.S.government insti tuti ons across the Americas.
English Version: The Nobel Women’s Initiative statement calling on the Mexican government to bring an end to the violence in Juarez, Mexico.
Nobel Peace Prize Laureates recognize and express solidarity with the struggle of the women of Atenco for the rights and fundamental liberties of its people.
A declaration requesting the CEDAW committe to undertake an investigation into the violence against women rights defenders and women journalists in Mexico.
Released in August 2007, this collection of stories about how women navigate, resist, and transform power is the product of a unique write shop process organized by Just Associates for ActionAid International, engaging long-time women's rights activists in reflection, creative writing and sharing stories. While there is much to celebrate in terms of the work activist have done and gains for women’s rights, there are still difficult realities and challenges that must be addressed.
A brochure highlighting the urgent need to protect women human rights defenders from the violence perpetrated against them because of their gender and work.


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