Power analysis

When a woman has been living life like that of ‘[a] rat on a treadmill,’ tired and resigned; in a state of hopelessness, helplessness and despair, on the brink of giving up—it is hard to see a way out.
OBOL leaders created the first-ever grassroots feminist treatment literacy manual and educational initiative that meets women’s needs while helping everyone.
Are there links between attacks on African immigrants and the killings of LGBTI people and women in South Africa? JASS Southern Africa's Phumi Mtetwa talks about the connections between xenophobia and misogyny, and the importance of community organising and cross-border solidarity.
In Guatemala, the conservative government has been increasingly bold and aggressive about consolidating its powers. The past few months have seen the election of a new conservative president, the dismantling of anti-corruption commission CICIG, and two states of siege on rural and indigenous communities. We interviewed a JASS ally, who preferred to remain anonymous due to security risks, to find out what this all means for our Guatemalan countries.
CLICK to watch JASS' Phumi Mtetwa and Zeph Repollo talk about on movement building, self and collective care, intersectionality, and working in repressive contexts - produced in collaboration with FURIA and Raising Voices.
We're on the edge of our seats following US Senate hearings where Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified about her experience of sexual violence. And yet, we're equally hopeful. Read the reflections of our staff from across contexts and continents
Reflections about power, movement-building, and our feminist futures; drawn from conversations among 1,700 women’s rights advocates over a four-day dialogue.
This week, we’re asking tough questions about international development at Healing Solidarity, a free online conference on how to better our practices in international development. Check out our related resources for tools and how-to's!
Zimbabwean women have a shared vision of a Zimbabwe that embraces diversity and is inclusive - read it here! Co-created by JASS Southern Africa and the Institute for Young Women's Development
Read our initial reflections document from our 2017 convening, Defending Rights in Hostile Contexts, co-organized with the Fund for Global Human Rights.


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