HIV+ women in Malawi are being poisoned by the anti-retroviral treatment (ART) provided by the government, which contains Stavudine, a drug that causes painful side effects. Due to deep poverty and inequality, many women are unable to afford alternative ART or land and fertilizer to support good nutrition to make treatment more effective. For four years JASS has supported Malawian women activists in a movement-building process to tackle critical issues affecting women. Considerable mobilization and organizing has culminated into a campaign to ensure women’s access to alternative quality ART with fewer side effects.
As a feminist activist, I’ve never had a dream as I have now because I can see us moving forward, Joyce Banda puts women on her agenda as a top priority so we have the door open and once women are together, ten, twenty, more—there’s a lot that we can accomplish. ~ Thokozile Phiri-Nkhoma, Malawian activist


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