Over 40 women activist leaders came together to blow the lid open on sex, sexuality, power, and the silence and stigma around pleasure and women’s bodies at 2 regional Malawi Feminist Movement Builders Schools in the northern and central regions of the country.
"The things that I now recognize as activism are things I’ve been doing for years. Questioning basic things like the hierarchies in school and the home – recognizing injustices, getting angry about them, and then in small ways starting to do something about them. When you know something’s wrong, you say something because you can’t be silent."
The reunion with the women we have been working with in Malawi was emotional. Tiwonge, who has been involved since the beginning in 2007, lifted me up in the air as if I was a piece of paper. She is very strong. There were lots of hugs, tears and kisses. It was a reunion of body and spirit.


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