Dealing with conflict

During 16 Days of Activism on December 9, JASS Crossregional Program Director, Carrie Wilson spoke at a White House Rally on behalf of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict—which JASS is a member of the advisory committee. This rally called on U.S.
To our sisters in Gaza: We, the women of JASS in Mesoamerica, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa and the United States, extend our hearts and our solidarity to our Palestinian sisters in Gaza. We strongly condemn the attacks by the state of Israel on communities in Gaza under "Operation Protective Edge" launched on July 7 and the subsequent land invasion. These actions violate the ceasefire agreement, and destroy lives and the chance for a just and lasting peace.
Even with the government's crackdown on activists' plans to organize on International Women's Day, the young women of JASS-inspired network CYWEN plan to make their voices heard, and help advance the momentum for change that is looming on the horizon in Cambodia.
As Heads of State from Mexico, Central America and the United States prepare to meet for the Summit of the Central American Integration System (SICA) in Costa Rica on May 4 and 5th, JASS (Just Associates), the America's Program, the Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA and the Center for Economic and Policy Research collaborated, with others, to


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