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A JASS Southeast Asia activist discusses her organizing work as an LGBT activist in Indonesia, and why being a part of the JASS community is so important to her. Read More
Vivek Ramkumar
A two-part case study of India's peasant- and worker-led Right to Information Campaign, connecting livelihood struggles with rights advocacy.
Lisa VeneKlasen with Valerie Miller
A New Weave was translated to Bahasa Indonesian in 2006. A New Weave of Power, People & Politics provides a well-tested approach for building people’s participation and collective power that goes beyond influencing policy and politics to transforming public decision-making altogether. Based on 25 years of participatory research, community development, neighborhood organizing, legal rights education, and large-scale campaign advocacy experiences worldwide, A New Weave combines concrete and practical action “steps” with a sound theoretical foundation to help users understand the process of people-centered politics from planning to action. Published in 2002 and reprinted in 2007, the guide is unique in its emphasis on power and constituency-building discussed through the lens of gender/race/class and based on the concrete experiences of social change in dozens of countries worldwide.
JASS (Just Associates)
JASS writes an open letter demanding the Phillipines government to underscore comprehensive women’s health in the Reproductive Health Bill.
Pemberdayaan Perempua KepalaKeluarga (PEKKA)
Stories of female heads are rare. Many of them have little or no knowledge of their rights and often on then losing end on issues like divorce or physical abuse. Yet, they survive, determined to their children the chance of a better life than theirs. Tempo English Edition reports on how single women parents cope in West Nusa, Tenggara, East Flores & West Kalimantan.
JASS Network Philipines
Enough! This is the cry of every woman feeling the pain of her 26 sisters now in Morong detention who were reportedly tortured and molested. The voice is getting louder, echoing from all corners of the land.
Nani Zulminarni
A presentation on power, movements and change in Southeast Asia. The presentation highlights contextual problems in Southeast Asia and proposes solutions to help empower women in every sphere of their life.
Niken Lestari & Annie Holmes
A group of young women from Indonesia and Timor Leste were invited to the first JASS movement-building institute in Southeast Asia (in Bogor, Indonesia, June 2007). Here, they shared a common language – Indonesian – and a common commitment to social justice, but also the complicated history of their two countries, as colonized and colonizer.
JASS (Just Associates)
On 6 and 7 April 2009, Berliana Purba & Dina Lumbantobing of PESADA and Niken Lestari of JASS SEA held two workshops. The first, in Teluk Dalam, the capital of South Nias, involved 69 women and 6 men, while the second, in Gunung Sitoli, the capital of Nias Induk, involved 50 women and 2 men.
CEDAW Working Group Initiative
This report is the result of monitoring and critical analyses by non-government organizations (NGO) in Indonesia concerning the implementation of CEDAWthroughout the years 1998-2007. It is made on the basis of the mechanism of the CEDAW committee that makes it possible for non-government organizations to propose a shadow report as a counterpart/ alternative report to the report prepared by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.