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“We will not be reduced to acquiescence. Women comprise half of Southeast Asia. We will make our voices heard.”  ~ Nani Zulminarni


JASS women lead collective action through their own organizations or, when it makes strategic sense, under the JASS banner. They aim to leverage the power of numbers to influence formal power (including governments and traditional and religious leaders) and hidden power (actors working behind the scenes through hidden agendas and exclusion) on issues of land rights, jobs, labor standards, and access to resources. Coming together as a region, JASS-fostered alliances press women’s agendas, including at the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). They also mobilize urgent actions and international solidarity in response to crises and repression.

In order to spotlight marginalized women’s agendas, JASS SEA inaugurated the first One Fight, One Voice campaign in December 2011 as part of the worldwide 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women. One Day, One Voice draws on five years of training and support by JASS for hundreds of young, grassroots, LBTI, poor and indigenous women organizers in seven countries. Leading up to the regional action, young women JASS activists gather hundreds of other women in dialogues, demonstrations and marches across the region. A vibrant testament to the power of sustained grassroots and local-to-regional organizing, these collective activities serve to strengthen relationships while providing valuable insights for leveraging the collective strength of JASS focal points and activists across the region.

Regional Advocacy through ASEAN

JASS supports a growing regional constituency of women to engage actively in civil society efforts to influence decision-making within ASEAN. Given ASEAN’s critical economic role and political influence, JASS SEA is building a visible presence at the ASEAN People’s Forum in order to put the voices and issues of young women on the women’s rights agenda, particularly around economic rights strategies and sexual and reproductive rights.

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JASS is excited to participate in the civil society proceedings for the first time, joining allies like WoMin and the Women's Economic and Development Organization (WEDO) to bring women’s voices and perspectives into this important policy dialogue. Our delegates, Zephanie Repollo, co-coordinator of JASS Southeast Asia, and Mayi Achmad of the Palung Foundation will be participating in the People’s Climate Summit.

"We cannot fight climate justice without upholding the democratic rights of women who are on the frontlines of climate change," writes JASS Southeast Asia regional co-coordinator Zeph Repollo in this analysis piece on climate justice.

Thousands of Southeast Asian women and men will join together in solidarity with women human rights defenders at risk during JASS Southeast Asia’s regional One Day, One Voice Campaign, which coincides with the global 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women.