Remembering our friends and allies

We are mourning the shocking loss of four very dear friends and allies: Ana Paula Hernandez, Sally O’Neill, Ana Velasquez and Daniel Tuc who died in Guatemala on April 7. Through their work at the Fund for Global Human Rights, Ana Paula and Sally were truly exceptional collaborators. Deeply trusted by so many leaders and influencers, we depended on their smart, strategic and always practical advice in Mesoamerica. They were passionate and committed. Ana Paula brought an intense creative energy to her work, making unlikely yet fruitful connections between activists, donors and advocates. Sally brought decades of experience drawing her years in solidarity with liberation struggles, and a wicked sense of humor about the impossibility of reality at times. Above all, we want to recognize their incredible commitment to accompanying women activists facing some of the most dangerous risks, often going above and beyond the mandate. The loss will be felt across many spaces. We valued and honored our partnership and sisterhood with both Ana Paula and Sally, which extended far beyond the confines of work, as friendships were built and nurtured through years of shared laughs and precious memories.

We are also devastated by the loss of Ana Velasquez, a deeply committed and promising young indigenous activist who worked with the Council of Western Peoples (Consejo de Pueblos de Occidente) where her father was a leader. Sharp, humble and enthusiastic, she was getting ready to graduate from University and dreaming of her work as part of the next generation of indigenous leaders working to defend their rights and territories. Daniel Tuc was the trusted driver for dozens of social justice and human rights organizations including JASS. Above all, he cared deeply about all of us - our families, our health and our work, and was a reassuring presence in all our travels in Guatemala.  

We will miss these generous, caring and committed sisters and brother.  Our love and sympathy goes out to all of the families and friends of these exceptional human beings.

Photo credit: Presna Comunitaria

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April 2019