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“We have seven territories in dispute: body, land, nature, memory, history, worldview, and the state. We have a lot to do.”

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Freedom of expression. How do we understand this very essential element of a strong democracy through the eyes of women? What does it take to make freedom of expression real for women? Our work at JASS tells us that freedom of expression is an aspiration, a right and a perpetual project – one defined by big political forces, local contexts, and beliefs about whose voice counts.

"Rise up," said Shirin Ebadi, "and love justice." The Iranian Nobel Laureate was speaking at a recent conference, Moving Beyond Militarism and War: Women-driven Solutions for a Non-Violent World convened by the Nobel Women's Initiative in Belfast (a city with a long history of peace-making against all odds). The current scramble for money, power and resources is what drives war and inequality, Ebadi reminded us. To challenge it, we have to remember that "democracy is not a commodity that can be exported. It's a culture that is nurtured and built." Read More.

International Women's Day! We stand with millions around the world today to celebrate the extraordinary ways women's and feminist movements are transforming the world for everyone. There is much to celebrate as we see a promising fresh wave of energy to demand an end to violence against women.

This morning I saw on a bumper sticker: "Shift Happens. Consider a New Paradigm." Scanning the tragedies of 2012, from Connecticut to Afghanistan, it’s clear that a major shift is needed. Many people are, in fact, fighting for alternatives to the militarization, exploitation and inequality that destroy both human lives and the planet itself.