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Violence against women activists continues to rise. Unfortunately, despite considerable effort, responses to this violence are coming up short. Given the urgency of the situation, JASS and allies are questioning the underlying assumptions guiding activist safety, and bringing a feminist and movement building perspective to rethinking the approach.
The latest reinstatement and expansion of the Global Gag Rule by President Donald Trump has far-reaching impacts, especially for women in the Global South. Read their response here.
UN Working Group & JASS invite you to the Geneva event on May 17, 2017 to learn from the strategies and challenges of women defenders networks from around the world, and how these same networks combat gender discrimination to ensure an environment of protection and equality all women.
A year on from the assassination of indigenous leader Berta Caceres, five Honduras leaders give six key lessons on carrying on the global fight.
After the unprecedented mobilizations which led to the overthrow of a corrupt president and vice-president, Guatemala now faces a challenge shared by democracies around the world.
Judy M. Taguiwalo, PhD - Editor
A compilation of work from the first movement building workshop in 2009, this publication features Filipino women activists, feminists and other writers. Together, they share the history, challenges, diversity and dynamism of women's movement building in the Philippines
JASS' WInnet Shamuyarira reflects on a Cross Movement Dialogue that brought together women activists from Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa to identify and map the key actors, politics and policies driving the “closing space for civil society” and increased backlash against women activists in Southern Africa.
Check out this original spoken word, inspired by the death of Berta Caceres and the US 2016 presidential election, written by Emery Bright.
Winnet is a Zimbabwean feminist activist and her activism is informed by her personal experiences. At 18, during her high school leavers’ dinner, Winnet was arrested by police agents along with a friend and she was charged for “loitering for the purposes of prostitution”. Winnet has faced numerous arrests after this incident, and this gave rise to her passion to work with sex workers. She has helped organize and mobilize sex workers in Harare. Winnet's work focuses on women’s bodily autonomy and interrogating power and patriarchy's impact on women's sexual and reproductive rights.
Italia Mendez refuses to be known the rest of her life as “one of the Atenco victims”. So instead she has become an outspoken global crusader against sexual torture by the state. In May of 2006, Mexican police rounded up Italia and more than two hundred other protestors in a violent crackdown in the village of Atenco, Mexico State. They were taken into custody and driven more than 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) to a state prison. During the hellish ride, the police sexually tortured the 47 women. The torture continued even after arriving at the prison.