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Monica Corona is a Latin American social scientist with more than 20 years of international experience in gender, development, migration and human rights, with wide experience on policy research and various publications on gender issues and feminization of migration.
“Protection of women defenders must be based on recognizing their existence, but also their contribution to creating better societies,” said a participant during a forum with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders, Michel Forst who visited Central American countries to hear directly from defenders about the challenges and risks they face.
Sibongile (“Sibo”) is an activist with broad professional experience in building movements, feminist advocacy, conflict management, HIV and AIDS management, and capacity-building to mention a few.
From September 8-11, we joined nearly 2000 diverse participants from across the globe in Brazil. From the Black Feminist Forum, plenaries, sessions and hubs, we were incredibly inspired and energized by what we heard, learned and offered. Together with allies, we shared stories and tools for cross-movement power and change.
Ellen Gilbert hails from a small town in Kentucky, where volunteering to build and remodel homes in Appalachia sparked her love for community service. She holds a bachelor's in cultural anthropology from Transylvania University and a master's in international affairs from The New School for Public Engagement. During her graduate studies, she concentrated on gender and development and participated in the 2013 International Field Program in the Balkans.
The fires we light are not fires to set alight police cars, they are small cooking fires we make in our township backyards to feed the children when there's no electricity. The fires we light are not fires to set alight our neighbor's small-time business, they are rare passions we ignite in each other to soldier on, set up vending stalls and make a living against all odds.
The skies wept as together we received the month of September in the town of La Esperanza, Honduras. Hundreds of visitors brought with them hearts that beat to the rhythms of their struggles, their love and the many colors of their dreams; they brought their cameras, drums, pens, and the united cry to demand once and for all: Justice for Berta!
Check out this online campaign by Global Fund for Women, JASS, & MADRE, featuring stories of 14 women activists from around the world who defend and advance human rights.
Join us and our allies in sharing stories and tools for cross-movement power and change including the launches of WeRise: Movement Building Reimagined – JASS' online resource kit and platform, ICTs for Feminist Movement Building Activist Toolkit, and DefendHer, a women human rights defenders digital campaign.
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