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In Guatemala, the conservative government has been increasingly bold and aggressive about consolidating its powers. The past few months have seen the election of a new conservative president, the dismantling of anti-corruption commission CICIG, and two states of siege on rural and indigenous communities. We interviewed a JASS ally, who preferred to remain anonymous due to security risks, to find out what this all means for our Guatemalan countries.
Marusia López Cruz
Are relocation programs fitting women human rights defenders’ needs?
Happy JASS Day! In 2014, Santa Fe, New Mexico declared October 18 at day of celebration and solidarity with women human rights defenders fighting for land, water, and territories. JASS Executive Director Lisa VeneKlasen writes about how growing up in Santa Fe influenced her politics and her feminism in this letter of appreciation to our growing Santa Fe community.
Check out the incredible story of the Our Bodies, Our Lives -- an 8,000+ women-led grassroots campaign that is transforming public health for people living with HIV in Malawi.
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Check out how women crossed many lines for justice, equality and peace in 2018!
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It is not just any kind of work, but careful work that makes it clear that every person matters—as a principle. This is the core of JASS’ humanity; that it is not just every person, but every moment, everything we do that matters. ~ Hope Chigudu
JASS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that receives support from individuals, foundations, and bilateral governments. We rely on their generosity to help us prepare grassroots women leaders and their movements to win crucial battles for health care, livelihoods, safety, and the environment. All tax-deductible gifts strengthen the voice, visibility, and colllective power of women to defend human rights and advance justice for all. JASS is committed to transparency. We are happy to make our financial information available to our supporters.
The JASS Board of Directors honors and celebrates Founding Executive Director Lisa VeneKlasen's enduring legacy and launches the process of internal recruitment to appoint the next JASS ED.