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Furthering our solidarity with the people of Atenco over the past two years, JASS, the Nobel Women’s Initiative, and Mexican allies brought Laureate Jody Williams to San Salvador Atenco on September 8 to support women struggling for voice and land rights, and to pressure the Mexican government to halt repression and fulfill its promises.
“The machete as a symbol of the work of our mothers and grandfathers in the fields and not as a weapon of violence as it has been stigmitized.”
  JASS’ third annual crossregional gathering assembled 27 close allies, board members and staff from 17 countries for a learning and visioning process about feminist movement-building from local to global levels. At a pivotal moment in JASS’ young life, as we take our training, organizing, action, advocacy, and knowledge to a new level, we paused to draw lessons on the impact of our approach thus far, seeking specifically:
Video of Honduras: Young Feminist in Resistance Speaks Out  
Zimbabwe was hounoured with the presence of Professor Sylvia Rosila Tamale from Uganda. She gave a talk at the Zimbabwe Women’s esource Center Network (ZWRCN). The room was packed to capacity with a mixture of older feminist/activist and quite an impressive number of young women activists too. It was an hounour for me to be present in that room and listen to this magnificent woman speak.
Villa Sahara of Indonesia manages the implementation of the Women’s Legal Empowerment (WLE) program at the village level, connecting them with central level justice institutions, enabling active community participation throughout the development process. Involved in JASS since June 2008, she wants to learn how feminist movements can be integrated into economic, social and political systems and strategies.
Escalating Sexual Aggression Against Feminist And Women ProtestersAgainst Military Coup In Honduras Ignored By Global & National Media By Margaret Thompson FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour/Radio Internacional Feminista August 17, 2009 - Tegucigalpa, Honduras -- Global & national media are ignoring the growing intensity of sexual aggression and torture of women demonstrators in Honduras after the military coup d’etat & and violent repression, according to Honduran feminists and activists. 
It has been an intense couple of days since we arrived in Honduras on Sunday. When I catch the words “I’m tired” coming out of my mouth I stop myself because standing next to my feminist sisters from Honduras, I have nothing to complain about. These women have been marching every day, EVERY day, rain or shine, military or no military, sometimes with bruises from the march the day before.
Press Release TEGUCIGALPA – JASS (Just Associates) announced that an international delegation arrived in Honduras Monday for a week-long women’s rights watch. The delegation is conducting a local and virtual Observatorio (Feminist Transformation Watch) from August 17 to 21 to shed light on women's rights violations occurring under the de facto regime that overthrew the democratically elected president in a coup d'etat on June 28th.
by Mia Nikasimo (c)