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They say coronavirus doesn’t discriminate, that it puts us all at risk, that it dictates an equally threatening future for all humankind. But the measures that have been implemented in Central America to deal with the pandemic are proof of the monumental, pre-existing inequality of our societies.
The most important thing for you to know, if you are a young feminist in Zimbabwe or any other country for that matter, today, you are walking along paths that were cleared for you by these women and the movements they built over decades.
A pivotal question of these times, "how do we turn our rage and resistance to once and for all usher in this liberation we so desire? What would a vision and the process of true liberation ultimately look like?"
Now, more than ever, we must pay attention to the body. Today is the time to come together, build a community supported by rituals, and do our best to support and uplift one another, daily.
Read a summary and insights from the dialogue.
None of us could have anticipated that the final phase of our Leadership Transition at JASS, my stepping into the role of Executive Director, would coincide with a global pandemic!
Listen to our new podcast which share feminist movement building insights in the time of the pandemic (in Spanish only).
How do you still have necessary political conversations, when all the spaces you had planned for are cancelled? How do you still advance a bold feminist agenda when everyone is in lockdown? If you are JASS, you create new ways to be in conversation! WHAT
View the summary of the our dialogue on learning from the crisis.
View the summary of the our dialogue on collective safety.