Margarita Martinez, a women human rights defender gives a statement describing her experience of violence at the 52nd Session of the CEDAW Committee.
In Latin America, Mexico has the highest number of attacks against journalists and the second highest number of attacks against women human rights defenders. The human rights defender Margarita Martínez reports on the situation of violence against women human rights defenders and journalists in Mexico before the CEDAW Committee.  
A shadow report released by the National WHRD Network in Mexico and presented at the 52nd Session of the CEDAW Committee, which confirms that within Latin America, Mexico ranks first in attacks against journalists and second in attacks against women defenders. There has been an alarming increase in violence against women human rights defenders in Mexico.
Bios of human rights defenders and journalists who travelled to New York in July to meet with the 52nd Session of the CEDAW Committee.
JASS’ Rebuilding Feminist Movements Initiative is designed to rebuild, re-energize and retool women’s movements through leadership training and political education; coordinated advocacy actions; knowledge creation (research, documentation, curriculum development, assessments); and popular communications activities.This initiative is:
A report prepared for the Joint Initiative of the Participation Group-IDS and Just Associates.
A report prepared for the Economic Literacy Project, IDS.
Networks are a fact of life in women’s rights advocacy work and social change activism. They offer vital linkages, alliances and communication, without which we are unable to tap and wield the extraordinary power of our numbers and diversity to advance our agendas and voices. But, our differences – as people, as leaders and as organizations – can be as powerful as our common interests. How can we understand and negotiate differences to build and consolidate the coordination we need for clout, credibility and size?
Having had multiple opportunities to develop and articulate theories of change, I have come to understand it as a technical term for making visible and explicit the assumptions, motivations, rationale behind what we do and why.
What does a person from the United States have to say of value to colleagues in Pakistan about political consciousness? I am not entirely sure. But let me try by starting with my own initial struggles with consciousness and move to some of the lessons and questions gathered from friends and colleagues around the world.


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