Regional Articles Archives for July 2014

Women across Myanmar are coming together to campaign against a proposed bill restricting inter-faith marriage. Despite backlash, they have organized more than 160 women’s and human rights groups to sign a joint statement and more recently, with support from JASS and the Nobel Women’s Initiative, are mobilizing global solidarity and visibility.

Across Mexico and Central America, indigenous women are leading their communities in efforts to defend their territories and natural resources against unregulated extraction projects and land grabs in the name of “development.” From Panama to El Salvador, women are exposing the injustices of multinational companies and their governments’ lax policies.

Increasing women’s political leadership has been on the top of gender equality agendas since the mid-1990s. But women’s rights advocates also recognize that, while having more elected women is important, governments are no longer the sole locus of power and decision-making. In this article we ask, "Where is the real power sitting?"