Regional Articles Archives for March 2013

This year’s International Women’s Day sought to publicize the rampant problem of violence against women. While every country is fraught with different forms and levels of violence against women, it is clear that in times of instability, women pay the highest price. This is precisely the case in Mesoamerica.

“When a woman goes to a police station to report domestic violence in Malaysia, the police ask questions such as ‘how many children do you have?’ or ‘do you love your husband?’ Then she is told to go back home,” says Manohara Subramaniam of JASS Southeast Asia. This situation is so familiar. It happens in Malaysia, in all countries of Southeast Asia and in many places across the globe.

Southeast Asian women literally shook the streets in an unconventional celebration of Valentine's Day on February 14. In Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines, women activists from JASS Southeast Asia held simultaneous activities as part of the global One Billion Rising campaign to end violence against.