Regional Articles Archives for November 2012

Violence against women has a fundamental way of upholding inequality. Women’s movements have made the struggle to end violence a main priority and as a result, they are frequently attacked and harassed by powerful groups that benefit from the oppression of women. JASS Mesoamerica joins the global 16 days of activism against gender violence campaign, spotlighting the violence suffered by women human rights defenders in Mexico and Central America fueled by militarization and authoritarian practices that limit women's rights.

On the heels of the massacre of 7 k’iche and kaqchikel indigenous activists in Totonicapán, Guatemala during peaceful protests on October 4th, Guatemala’s government continues to deny responsibility and fails to reign in transnational mining companies whose illegal land grabs displace communities.

HIV+ women in Malawi are being poisoned by the anti-retroviral treatment (ART) provided by the government, which contains Stavudine, a drug that causes painful side effects. Due to deep poverty and inequality, many women are unable to afford alternative ART or land and fertilizer to support good nutrition to make treatment more effective. For four years JASS has supported Malawian women activists in a movement-building process to tackle critical issues affecting women. Considerable mobilization and organizing has culminated into a campaign to ensure women’s access to alternative quality ART with fewer side effects.