Regional Articles Archives for April 2012

“Are you homosexual?” was the question Uganda’s Minister for Ethics and Integrity asked minutes before he disbanded a young LGBT activist leadership workshop in Kampala. JASS’ Hope Chigudu, who was there supporting a workshop of young activists, says, “Fear and rage. I’ve never felt such fear and rage as I did when Lokodo invaded our space at that workshop.

Just days before the Honduran congress is set to approve a law that would imprison women for using the morning-after pill, even after being raped, women in Honduras have mobilized hundreds of thousands of supporters around the world to sign on to a petition calling on the President of Congress to stand up for women’s rights and reject the law. In February, the Honduran Supreme Court upheld a 2009 ban on emergency contraception pills (ECP), after a campaign by conservative religious groups that equated ECP with abortion. Many JASS allies and staff joined the feminist movement in Honduras in organizing a demonstration in front of the congress in early 2012 and are leading new actions in May.

“How has the political crisis of the early 2000s --- along with increasing violence and economic insecurity -- demobilised and divided women’s organising efforts in Zimbabwe—or has it? What kinds of innovative, brave organising have emerged in Zimbabwe in a context of violence and political repression?”

As Zimbabwe approaches elections, fanning fears of renewed violence, these are just some of the questions 16 women activists grappled with at The Changing Face of Women’s Activism and Feminist Action in Zimbabwe held in Harare (March 28th – 29th 2012).