Regional Articles Archives for November 2009

JASS launched movement-building in Zambia through broad-based consultation and assessment. Dialogue with diverse groups and leaders revealed that, despite its strong history in this country, women’s rights organizing seems demobilized in recent years, fragmented by competing issue agendas.

We have rights but we are still limited. Now it changes a lot, we can be candidates for election, for commune council, and also district council and deputy governor…women are encouraged to participate in society.– Workshop participant, Cambodia

“My safe space called the women’s movement is going, or even gone. It’s been taken over by men. And I am scared and angry," writes the provocative Zimbabwean feminist Everjoice Win on the JASS blog. When conducting an assessment for a movement building institute in Zambia, the JASS Southern Africa team was struck by the large number of men who are leading women’s organizations.