Regional Articles Archives for July 2009

JASS Southeast Asia is facilitating the creation of multigenerational women’s movements by bringing together young women across JASS with older, more established feminists. In one such movement building institute in Bogor, Indonesia, young women from 22 provinces across the country analyzed power from the personal to the national, tracked the history of women's organizing, and framed an agenda for making change.

JASS Mesoamerica, with the PetaterasIFUNCEASPA and Alas de Mariposa, held the first Mar de Cambios/Sea-Change School in Panama City, July 5-10, with diploma accreditation from the University of Panama.

Before Indonesia’s elections, PESADA and JASS Southeast Asia held political education workshops on women’s political rights on the North Sumatran island of Nias, emphasizing the importance of voting women onto the Legislative Council.