Access to and control over resources is about power. Today, the ferocious scramble to control and exploit resources—from land and forests to technology and human DNA—is a scramble for power. This session will explore women’s access and control of resources from a feminist movement-builder’s perspective.
Article published by the Seattle International Foundation about the Mesoamerican Workshop on Communication for Rural and Indigenous Women: Women in the Media to Construct Citizenship), organized by Sinergia No’j and Just Associates (JASS).
Outline of Just Associates’ Rebuilding Feminist Movements Initiative.
This report, published by The Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe (GALZ), covers cases of violations experienced by LBT people in Harare and Bulawayo in response to continued attacks on the bodies of Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transwomen and Transmen. Most cases are linked to public participation of LBT people in national and international processes such as 16 Days of Activism and the Constitutional Reform Process. The report also highlights challenges related to discrimination of LBT people and how these impact on establishing a family, accessing education and health for LBT people.
Video images of feminists from Indonesia and Timor L'este joining together for a workshop to strengthen and diversify the leadership of women's movements through intergenerational political education, skills-building activities and trans-border learning. Later in 2008, JASS convened a larger regional institute for women of all ages working to address the combined challenges of poverty, labor exploitation, migration and trafficking facing women.
This presentation is from Women’s Organizing for Economic Rights and Democracy in Southeast Asia, a breakout session at the AWID 2012 Internation Forum on Women's Rights and Development. Around the world, access to cash and credit through microfinancing programs is touted as a magic bullet for eradicating women’s poverty. Yet, there is limited evidence that these strategies alone fundamentally alter the power relationships that drive women’s poverty in the first place.
A declaration requesting the CEDAW committe to undertake an investigation into the violence against women rights defenders and women journalists in Mexico.
Released in August 2007, this collection of stories about how women navigate, resist, and transform power is the product of a unique write shop process organized by Just Associates for ActionAid International, engaging long-time women's rights activists in reflection, creative writing and sharing stories. While there is much to celebrate in terms of the work activist have done and gains for women’s rights, there are still difficult realities and challenges that must be addressed.
A brochure highlighting the urgent need to protect women human rights defenders from the violence perpetrated against them because of their gender and work.
This report provides recommendations to the CEDAW committee by women's groups on how can the Mexican government better respond to the incessant violence perpetrated against women human rights defenders and journalists in Mexico.


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