Mesoamerica - Resources

JASS collaborated with filmmakers Maria del Pilar Godoy and Renato Martínez to develop this short documentary on women within the migrant caravan travelling through Central America and Mexico in 2018. 
CIMAC (Women’s Communication and Information)
Declaration demanding that the Mexican government investigate the attacks committed against CIMAC (Women’s Communication and Information) and implement the necessary measures to ensure their safety and the exercise of their work.
JASS (Just Associates)
Final Report for the Americas Social Forum held in Guatemale in October of 2008.
JASS (Just Associates) and Las Petateras
Synthesis report of the fact-finding mission held in Guatemala initatied by the Petateras of Guatemala, in coordination with Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE) and JASS (Just Associates).
JASS, Code Pink: Women for Peace, Global Fund for Women
Press release stating that in a show of solidarity, women throughout the Americas are mobilizing to pressure the US government and international organizations to take a stronger stand against the June 28 coup in Honduras. Rallies will take place Wednesday July 22, in at least 10 cities including Tegucigalpa, Honduras, San Jose, Costa Rica, Mexico City, and Washington, DC.
JASS (Just Associates)
In opposition to the coup d’état that occurred in Honduras on June 28th, Honduran Feminists in Resistancehas called for a rally on Wednesday, July 22nd, at 10am (local ti me) in front of U.S. Embassies and other U.S.government insti tuti ons across the Americas.
Women in Resistance from Honduras
The Women in Resistance from Honduras seek to communicate to all the countries of the world their opposition to the coup against the state of Honduras that occurred the 28th of June.
Nobel Women's Initiative
English Version: The Nobel Women’s Initiative statement calling on the Mexican government to bring an end to the violence in Juarez, Mexico.
Nobel Women's Initiative
Nobel Peace Prize Laureates recognize and express solidarity with the struggle of the women of Atenco for the rights and fundamental liberties of its people.
Michele Frix: Program Officer, Seattle International Foundation
Article published by the Seattle International Foundation about the Mesoamerican Workshop on Communication for Rural and Indigenous Women: Women in the Media to Construct Citizenship), organized by Sinergia No’j and Just Associates (JASS).
A declaration requesting the CEDAW committe to undertake an investigation into the violence against women rights defenders and women journalists in Mexico.