women's analysis

When a woman has been living life like that of ‘[a] rat on a treadmill,’ tired and resigned; in a state of hopelessness, helplessness and despair, on the brink of giving up—it is hard to see a way out.
Niken Lestari is an urban, middle-class-educated woman. She has experienced verbal violence has survived sexual harassment. Niken is currently one of the regional coordinating group (RCG) representatives of Indonesia. She is also the national coordinator of the newly-formed Forum Aktivis Perempuan Muda Indonesia (FAMM-Indonesia) or Indonesian Young Women Activist Forum, a women’s organization influenced and inspired by JASS.
Zimbabwean women have a shared vision of a Zimbabwe that embraces diversity and is inclusive - read it here! Co-created by JASS Southern Africa and the Institute for Young Women's Development
JASS gathered 22 Southern African women researchers, scholars, practitioners and activists to analyze and debate movement--‐building, women’s rights and organizing.
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