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Right now I am privileged to be in Guatemala, as part of a team hosting this fabulous gathering of Indigenous women from all over Mesoamerica. Members of JASS and Sinergia Nój will be sharing our knowledge with and learning from the diverse experiences that participants will bring to this skills sharing and training exercise. We have an exciting program scheduled and are ready to welcome the women. We invite you to join us, along with our allies at FIRE, for a live radio transmission from one of the dialogue sessions:
by María Suárez Toro, FIRE While I lay in a tent in FIRE´s camp in Haiti, I remember one of the first popular songs that changed social consciousness regarding violence against women, at a time when the subject was a well-known secret and there was no political, social and cultural acknowledgment of violence against women as a violation of the human rights of women.
By María Suárez Toro, and RIF-Fire Communications CenterFeminist International Camp Translation by Amandla Gigler, Executive Director at CALALA Fondo de Mujeres / Women's Fund
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