Women are wooed. Women are raped. Women are impregnated.Women are abducted. Women are raped. Women become mentally ill.Women are wrongly accused. Women are raped. Women get death threats.Women are raped. Women are raped. Women are raped.Different women, same stories: sexual violence in conflict.
Dudziro Nhengu gives us a glimpse of life in Harare as elections approach and shares insights on the contradictions and complexities of (women's) resistance in a challenging, often violent and repressive context.
As Heads of State from Mexico, Central America and the United States prepare to meet for the Summit of the Central American Integration System (SICA) in Costa Rica on May 4 and 5th, JASS (Just Associates), the America's Program, the Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA and the Center for Economic and Policy Research collaborated, with others, to


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