Last April, the EDGE Funders Alliance held its Reorganizing Power for Systems Change conference in Barcelona, providing social movement activists, organizations, and progressive donors an excellent opportunity to discuss strategies for advancing transformative social change through and across our various movement struggles. JASS attended the conference and emerged with a global feminist twist on the framework and accompanying diagram which shaped the dialogue
JASS in partnership with Women’sNet and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), is proud to present the ICTs for Feminist Movement Building: Activist Toolkit. A toolkit designed to help activists harness information and communications technologies (ICTs) to support more effective, strategic, resilient, visible and safe movements!
Read Everjoice Win's razor-sharp snapshot of the Southern Africa's changing context—dynamics and trends—as well as opportunities and challenges for women's rights agendas.
In the face of social, economic and political shifts happening around the world, are activism and movements changing; do they need to?
On September 20, 2013 The Elliot School of George Washington University held a panel discussion on the concept of "Disruption" and what that means in the context of women's movements, past and present in the shift to move beyond gender mainstreaming. JASS Director Lisa VeneKlasen and Board co-Chair Srilatha Batliwala were invited to speak alongside Aruna Rao and Joanne Sandler from Gender at Work and Alivelu Ramisetty, Gender Advisor for Oxfam America. Listen to the audio of the event! 
A presentation of JASS' progress since 2006 and strategies moving forward. The presentation highlights themes such as JASS' community, relationships, reputation, and power.
My body used to be a strange thing. It's a fragile yet a sacred monument full of myth, which I found out later is not the truth. In some cases the myth serve as the extention of patriarchy, another strange word in my ear. I was introduced to term patriarchal and patriarchy in my sociology class in high school. I was very happy to find the name to point at the reality I experience. But it was only one part. I was looking for another name to provide me with words to explain my experience.
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