This beautiful new Barefoot Guide, published by JASS-ally The Barefoot Guide Connection, dedicates Chapter 1 to JASS’ movement building work with HIV+ women organizing for health justice in Malawi.
"There is no revolution without the other 51%: lessons from feminist movements about how change happens." In this edition, HIVOS and JASS team up to feature women's civic activism.
Alquimia, JASS Mesoamerica’s learning and education initiative, integrates leadership training and knowledge generation to create a dynamic fusion of key program elements designed to strengthen feminist movement building in the region.
The Feminist Transformation Watch (FTW) emerged from processes of feminist popular education and movement building and is designed to support the creativity and courage of women who are questioning, confronting and transforming power. A constantly evolving methodology and political action approach, the FTW was created by the Petateras2, women activists and popular educators from the Americas with long histories of working for equality and social justice.
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