crossregional dialogue

For three days in Johannesburg, JASS has been asking the big questions for feminist movement building and activism in Southern Africa: where, what, who, why and how.
This week, we’re asking tough questions about international development at Healing Solidarity, a free online conference on how to better our practices in international development. Check out our related resources for tools and how-to's!
FAMM is a network of more than 350 young women from 30 provinces across Indonesia uniting diverse activists across issues. See how a grassroots human rights network emerged in a context of closing space and rising fundamentalism.
How can we truly engage all generations in our movements? We all have something valuable to offer, no matter what our age, and yet the ageism that often blocks us has not been explicitly addressed. This paper is intended to provoke a discussion about age discrimination or ageism as a factor in building sustainable feminist movements.
By Wala The meeting was explosive with different ideas from diverse women across the globe. It was an enriching and eye opening experience. It also challenged me as a woman and as an activist to do more for the women's cause. JASS Cross Regional November 2008, Cape Town, South Africa
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