arts for social justice

Conducted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and carried out by FAMM Indonesia, a women's organization co-created and accompanied by JASS, this research paper delves into the topic of young women's participation in politics and public spaces. Though intensely marginalized and subject to backlash, this study finds that young women may overcome the closing of space through creative community organizing that strengthens self-esteem, builds infromal relationships, and increases leadership capabilities.
"There is no revolution without the other 51%: lessons from feminist movements about how change happens." In this edition, HIVOS and JASS team up to feature women's civic activism.
JASS Mesoamerica, with the Petateras, IFUN, CEASPA and Alas de Mariposa, held the first Mar de Cambios/Sea-Change School in Panama City, July 5-10, with diploma accreditation from the University of Panama.
INDVOLU: A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Experiences that connect us across continents can take unexpected turns. A community group from South Africa and a theatre troupe from Central America came together this November creating a connection that touched each of them profoundly and took on new meaning as tragedy struck.
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