JASS Strategy & Approach

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JASS works to develop and galvanize women activists and their movements to change powerful institutions, policies and beliefs. Inspired by a feminist vision of justice, we help build new forms and practices of power that contribute to more egalitarian and democratic societies and a healthier planet. JASS’ holistic strategies empower women activists and strengthen women’s movements by:

  • equipping activist leaders from all walks of life with the confidence, information, skills, strategies and connections they need to organize women for democratic change and to navigate risky contexts;
  • promoting and sustaining grassroots and local-to-global organizing to build broad,  flexible alliances that are responsive to urgencies and opportunities as well as rooted in the concrete demands of diverse women’s constituencies;
  • mobilizing alliances for strategic political action moments to engage, persuade, and pressure governments and international actors to respond effectively to violations of women’s rights and to advance gender equality;
  • maximizing women’s use of media to amplify the visibility, appeal and reach of women’s rights agendas and the role of women’s movements in advancing democracy and justice; and
  • documenting and publishing knowledge from practice – in multiple formats from videos to analysis and training tools – to contribute to smarter thinking and responses to inequality and women’s rights challenges.