JASS Honduras Radio Show "Determined to Hope": Women Building Movements

Given the importance of the use of community radio among women grassroots organizers and human rights defenders in Mesoamerica, JASS Honduras began in 2012 to produce the Spanish-language radio program “Tercas con la Esperanza” (Determined to Hope).  In the new edition of programs produced with Radio Progreso and retransmitted by the community radios of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), the program features news and feminist analysis that reaches thousands of Hondurans each THURSDAY FROM 12:00 TO 1:00, local time, and by Internet people all over the world. The program discusses issues of vital importance for activists and analyzes their participation in grassroots movements and struggles.

Using elements of music, art and politics, all the programs combine our analysis with that of our allies and fellow women organizers in movements throughout the Mesoamerican region. We also share lessons from the battles of the women who-- alongside their peoples and organizations--defend life, the earth and territory in Honduras, Mesoamerica and other regions of the world.

Every program presents the voices, lives, obstacles, contributions and resistences of a wide variety of women who defend the land, territories and life, as well as feminists who defend human rights and the commons.


First Edition:

1: Militarización y Violencia contra las Mujeres (2012)

2: Despenalización del aborto en Mesoamérica (2013)

3: Comunicadoras Rurales e Indígenas Mesoamericanas (2013)

4: Violencia contra Defensoras de Derechos Humanos (2013)

5: La Convención sobre la Eliminación de Todas las Formas de Discriminación Contra la Mujer (CEDAW) de las Naciones Unidas (2014)

Second Edition: See Radio Progreso LIVE http://radioprogresohn.net/