by JASS on March 8, 2018 on 3:55 am

Like most Cambodian women, journalist Chantrea Koeut-Urgell knows how it feels to face gender inequality. Chantrea shares her experiences of growing up in a patriarchal society that considered women weak and their reputations easily stained. She shares her powerful story from childhood trauma to sexual harassment she’s faced at work.

by JASS on October 16, 2013 on 11:54 am

What does online activism mean for urban poor women? Misty Lorin, an urban poor community organizer of SAMAKANA (Samahan ng Maralitang Kababaihang Nagkakaisa or Organization of United Urban Poor Women), talks about successful online campaigns on women’s rights and making use of social media to provide spaces for women’s causes.

by Hope Chigudu on October 9, 2013 on 8:18 am

When a woman has been living life like that of ‘[a] rat on a treadmill,’ tired and resigned; in a state of hopelessness, helplessness and despair, on the brink of giving up—it is hard to see a way out.

by Yit Sophorn on September 20, 2013 on 3:32 am

Cambodia’s fragile political situation led women’s groups and NGOs to establish a group of youth volunteers, the First Aid Group, whose main role is to give immediate medical aid to Cambodian protesters in case violence sparks in the peace demonstrations. Women from the JASS-inspired Cambodian Young Women’s Empowerment Network (CYWEN) are part of the core of this group. Read more…

by JASS on September 18, 2013 on 9:20 am

Written by Dr Simukai Chigudu

JASS’ work in Malawi has many lessons to teach about activating the energy women have and opening safe spaces for them to interrogate issues of power, organize collectively and demand a say at the decision-making table. It is in this spirit of such global solidarity that counter-hegemonic movements garner momentum and can present ethical, pluralistic and viable alternatives to existing modes of political and economic oppression in Africa and beyond….

by Niken Lestari on September 12, 2013 on 2:54 am

Just like a saga, the recent media brouhaha on virginity testing for young girls in Indonesia proves that the discourse on this testing is far from over.

In 2007, several students of Indramayu got involved in a sex video case. Indramayu regent Irianto MS Syafiuddin said back then that mandatory virginity tests will be enforced on young female students to determine if they are virgins – subject to their dismissal if proven otherwise. Although the testing never happened, the ‘virginity’ discussion continues to roll.