by Lisa VeneKlasen on October 18, 2019 on 10:42 am

Happy JASS Day! In 2014, Santa Fe, New Mexico declared October 18 at day of celebration and solidarity with women human rights defenders fighting for land, water, and territories. JASS Executive Director Lisa VeneKlasen writes about how growing up in Santa Fe influenced her politics and her feminism in this letter of appreciation to our growing Santa Fe community.

by Ana Luisa Ahern on July 16, 2009 on 10:29 am

by Ana Luisa Ahern on July 15, 2009 on 3:02 pm

Petateras Mar de Cambios

by Valerie Miller on July 11, 2009 on 5:36 pm

Here we are in Panama -- 33 women from Mexico, Central America and the US sharing and deepening our understanding of power and patriarchy with all the passion and creativity that our collective energy and experience generate! Our location -- right beside the Panama Canal – adds an historic and political element to our workshop. For almost an entire century, the canal represented the imperial power of the US in Latin America. The long struggle of the Panamanians to gain control of the Canal was finally achieved in 1999. Staying at a hotel inside what was just ten years ago the US Canal Zone offers multiple lessons in perseverance and power.

by on July 7, 2009 on 4:28 pm

Just a short note from Panama City about Mar de Cambios (July 5-10), where around 40 women from different MesoAmerican countries are discussing about feminism and how the patriarchal power affects ourselves and our society.

by Martha Tholanah on June 7, 2009 on 3:23 pm

We are almost there, making shape out of the confusion, enduring the pain, but loving each other as sisters, as we build and undo and rebuild, and we start seeing the shape of our Southern African Movement. We are as ready for the last building blocks and roofing, just as we get ready for our first JASS Southern Africa baby, (we have already named) Nairobi - even though we are not sure whether Nairobi will be a girl or boy, we are ready for her/ him, and for sure a feminist as Nairobi has been instrumental in our process, even as we may have been scaring her/ his mother about the birth process to expect.